Legal Representation For Probate And Estate Administration

After the loss of a loved one, many families come together to mourn and celebrate the life of the individual who passed. However, in many cases, there are pressing matters that need to be addressed in a timely matter. If no estate planning documents are in place, probate may be the only method for resolving unsettled unresolved issues.

An Estate Planning Attorney Can Take The Uncertainty Out Of Probate

At the Law Office of Rachel Flanagan Frost, I like to remind clients that although disruptive and inconvenient, probate is not the end of the world. By working together, we can inventory assets, appraise property, settle outstanding debts, and resolve other tax and probate issues as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whether handling a large, complex estate or addressing a simple matter, I have the skill and resources to resolve your probate in a timely manner.

Just as every family is unique, so too is every probate matter I handle. If the decedent passed without a will, if the will cannot be found or is contested, or other issues arise, it's important to reach an amicable solution to prevent delays and keep costs to a minimum.

For out-of-state family members who have been named executor or administrator, or if the decedent resided outside New York but kept property or other assets in New York, I can provide assistance in administering the estate.

Let A Lawyer Guide You And Your Family Through The Probate Process

Although it may be too late to avoid probate, working with me will ensure you have someone on your side. I will help keep costs to a minimum, keep the process moving and ultimately provide you with advice and counsel for implementing estate planning documents to see that you and your loved ones avoid probate in the future.

To schedule a free informational meeting, I invite you to contact my Fishkill law office by calling 845-896-0835 or by completing an online contact form. I work with clients throughout the Hudson Valley in Dutchess and surrounding Counties.